Thursday, December 15, 2016


- strength, problem-solving, insight -

Nephele sleeps terribly throughout the night, twisting and turning as her dreams berate her with misshapen images and faint songs. she wakes up at 3am from a dream about a forest. the trees the forest extended so high into the sky that their trunks were consumed by the clouds before one could catch a glimpse of the top. she feels uneasy and decides to get up to grab a glass of water before descending back into her fitful sleep, but the sink yields no liquid as she turns the knob. crawling back into bed she stares at her bedroom ceiling considering a piece of peeling paint as her eyes become heavy once again.


it is noon.

Nephele awakes, her throat incredibly dry. when she tries the faucet this time she is disappointed that what she hoped had been a dream was, in fact, reality. she opens the fridge and grabs a juice box, the last one. she takes one sip and decides to ration it for the remainder of the day as she has run out of money for the week.

with nothing to do and a steady feeling of discomfort Nephele dresses warmly and grabs an old book, “the meaning of Stones, stars, and spells.” she makes her way to her safe place, St. Cecelia’s cathedral and sits on the still wet grass. she reads.


it is 3pm.

Nephele is deep into her book, again finding herself on a page on Lapis Lazuli, when she hears her.

“interesting title.” a voice says. Nephele jumps, startled.

“I find it extremely informative. I don't believe in witchcraft. I like collecting stones...they've got a certain draw you know?" she responds shyly, unsure of herself. the girl is wearing a Turquoise necklace and Nephele gives her a small smile as she recalls that the gemstone is widely considered the cousin of Lapis Lazuli. "you's all about the energy."

the girls talk briefly, exchanging names; her name is colette.
“it’s funny, i was just reading about Lapis Lazuli when you came up.” Nephele says, segueing out of the small talk.

“oh, really? isn’t that one associated with truth?”

“yeah… and friendship and wisdom and awareness.” Nephele smiles again, the feeling is somewhat unfamiliar.


it is 9pm and Nephele writes.

I made a friend and she understands.

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