Monday, December 12, 2016


- remembered dreams, meditation, prophecy -

"did you see the clouds today?"
"no, i missed them i suppose"

Nephele lays in the grey twilight, soon to be drenched in darkness, talking to no one.

...or perhaps there is someone, but they can not be seen.


fumbling for her keys, Nephele drops her stack of books. she has been reading on the lawn of St. Cecilia's cathedral. it is the only place she feels safe from the almost eerie atmosphere of the city. often, it feels as though she is being watched. by someone. by something.

entering her modest apartment, she sighs, letting the door hang open as she tosses book after book onto the floor of her living room.

a collection of poems by anonymous authors

another on the meanings of stones

and one discussing Newton's laws and their deeper implications

Nephele is an avid collector of stones and gems. she figures that something from the earth must have a natural aspect of power.

"it's all about the energy." she says into her 1986 tape recorder, "the law of conservation of energy. it states that the total energy of an isolated system must remain constant. is that not applicable to our planetary ecosystem? the energy we possess must go somewhere. why not a stone?"

later that night Nephele lays in bed awake. unable to shut her thoughts out.  

she decides to write as she often does in times like these. the lights do not come on when she flicks the switch so she lights a candle instead.

i can't. i can't. i can't. i can't shake the feeling that something big is coming. that something will be revealed to me sooner than later. something that will change everything.

shit. i forgot to pay the rent again.

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