Monday, December 12, 2016

Dalmatian Jasper

- alleviated negativity, nightmares / / new patience -

Nephele is an early riser, but today she sleeps later than usual. she might have even slept longer if she hadn't been woken up by a sharp knock on her door.

her eyes are still heavy with sleep as she rolls out of bed, literally, on to the floor with a quiet thud. sitting up and then standing up she pats her brown hair down and smoothes her t-shirt before she goes to the door.

she looks through the peephole she sees a short, balding man with a 5 o'clock shadow and a slight scowl.

another knock.


"are you available, for an interview?" the stout man drawls the ends of his phrases.

Nephele backs away from the door in both confusion and fear, people don't knock on her door, they know not to. several years ago a UPS man had come up to her door to deliver a package and, long story short, the day ended with an ambulance, a broken table, and a small order of breadsticks.

"uh, sorry. no."

"ma'am, it will only take about 10 minutes, maybe even less. i'd be very appreciative."

Nephele's heart races and her hands shake, but she reaches for the door and soon looks down upon the pushy little man. she had to try.

she motions towards the lumpy couch against the wall, inviting the man inside.

"thank you ma'am" he nods and waddles inside, "now, what is your name? and how did you get here?"

"my names nephele, pronounced neff-eh-lee, neil and i live here with my aunt. well, kind of. she's rarely here. she just pays the rent really..." nephele trails, wishing she hadn't invited the man inside as she grew more and more uncomfortable.

"tell me about that name." the man replies, furiously scribbling on his notepad.

"Nepehele, the goddess of hospitality and the mother of centaurs. she was a cloud that zeus created to look like Hera in order to test ixion in containing his lust for Hera. he failed and fathered the centaurs. she is a forgotten one and not so individual in the eyes of many, as she was created in the image of Hera." Nephele picks at the skin on her fingers, gritting her teeth, "i'm sorry but i don't think i have it in me to continue this interview."

before the man knows better he is being ushered out of the door and soon stands in the hall, dumfounded by his interaction with such a strange girl.


again Nephele sits down to write.

my name suits me in more ways than one. i am forgotten. i am fragile like the clouds that occupy my name. nephele. nephele. nephele. even my last name argues my lack of permanence.

Nephele stops and rips out the page, tossing it in the trash. she sits down to read. set in stone lies open in her lap to a page on Chiastolite. it reads "Chiastolite can be helpful during a state of change, assisting one to traverse disquieting situations and to gain a foothold in the new. It can also be used for problem solving and to provide insight to answers to mysterious occurrences."

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